Advertise to hundreds of thousands of UK students with Uni-Truths

What is Uni-Truths?

Uni-Truths is a fast growing social media management tool used by the biggest student-oriented Facebook pages in the UK.

Uni-Truths is used by university specific Facebook pages such as Bristruths, LeedsFess, Camfess, and dozens more from around the UK, each with tens of thousands of followers. Uni-Truths enables these communities to anonymously post to their Facebook page.

Why advertise with Uni-Truths?

Uni-Truths gets hundreds of thousands of UK visitors per month, and each visitor spends on average three and a half minutes on the site, with an ad in view at all times. Uni-Truths is optimised for mobile, with 80% of visitors using Uni-Truths on a mobile device.

The nature of the communities that use Uni-Truths means that your audience can be tailored to your needs, from countrywide to students at a particular university.

While our core audience is UK based, we have a worldwide presence. Please contact us for details on international advertising.

Where will my ad be shown?

We display ads on each page's submission portal. Submission portals are unique to each page, and allow the community to submit content to the Facebook page's moderators. All content submitted to the page passes through a Uni-Truths submission portal, and most visitors to submission portals are unique.


What does Uni-Truths need from me?

We support five sizes of ad: 728x90, 970x90, or 970x250 for desktop, and 300x250 or 250x250 for mobile. If you would like your ad campaign to be available to both mobile and desktop users you should supply ads in both of those sizes. We prefer PNG or GIF formats, as these work best on our platform. Alternatively, we're happy to work with you to make bespoke ads that will be optimised for Uni-Truths.

If you have an AWIN affiliate program, add us as an affiliate! Search for uni-truths LTD (852758) to add us to your program, or click here to go to our profile.