Privacy Policy


Uni-Truths LTD does not collect any personal identifying data from any users of the website except the moderators of pages who are required to sign up.

When a post is submitted only the content and timestamp are submitted to our servers and stored.
We store all received submissions.

We store the email address used to sign up to Uni-Truths, the username of the moderator that is displayed on the site, a hash of your password.
If your account is linked to Facebook we may also store your Facebook account ID and Facebook access tokens.

Third Parties:
i.) Analytics: We use analytics sites in order to track usage but this requires no further data and is shared only in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the external sites own policies.
ii) Advertising: We allow third party vendors to use cookies to serve ads based on your visits to prior websites.
Users may opt out of personalized Google advertising by visiting Ads Settings.
Users may opt out of some third-party vendors’ uses of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting

We use cookies to keep accounts logged in and for user authentication.

Further information:
We do not store any personal identification data about about any of the submissions and therefore it is impossible for us to tell who submitted it.
Beyond mandatory compliance with authorities or analytics, no stored data is shared for any purposes.