Terms of Service


  • Language:
    1. Site refers to a submissions form at the uni-truths.com domain, which is registered to Uni-Truths LTD.
    2. Moderators refers to the group/individual that has admin rights to a site
    3. Page refers to the facebook page administered by some or all of the moderators.
  • Content submitters:
    1. All persons are eligible to submit content to the pages.
    2. Posts submitted to the page are anonymous. No personal identifying details are taken or held by the site.
    3. By submitting content, users allow the site to share the content through the page that it was submitted to.
    4. Submitting content gives Uni-Truths LTD non-exclusive distribution rights to submissions which can be monetised, passed on, or shared elsewhere. No rights are extended to the person who submitted the content after it is submitted.
    5. If users are unhappy with any content they see on a Uni-Truths LTD page then they should contact that page directly.
    6. If a post comes to the attention of Uni-Truths LTD that is a clear violation of the Uni-Truths LTD Code of Conduct, Facebook’s Community Guidelines, or the pages own rules, then it will be removed.
    7. Uni-Truths LTD administrators will remove any illegal or inappropriate material from our servers which comes to the attention of Uni-Truths LTD.
    8. If a user has a problem with a page being affiliated with Uni-Truths LTD, or find a page violating the Uni-Truths LTD Code of Conduct, then we ask they contact Uni-Truths LTD directly.
  • Moderators:
    1. Moderators agree to follow the Uni-Truths LTD Code of Conduct.
    2. By registering with Uni-Truths LTD, all moderators agree to follow the Code of Conduct on the Uni-Truths website.
    3. All moderators are responsible for the maintenance of their Facebook Pages.
    4. Uni-Truths LTD retains the right to remove any site from the Uni-Truths system.
    5. Moderators uphold a duty to maintain the privacy of their fellow admins.
    6. Moderators agree to not post content to their page that violates the Facebook Guidelines or the Uni-Truths LTD Code of Conduct.
    7. Uni-Truths LTD claims no responsibility over the content that is moderated by the individual pages.
    8. Moderators reserve the right to distribute the content that they receive through the Uni-Truths site however they wish.
    9. Moderators must remain in contact with the Uni-Truths LTD team via email, bulletin, or message in case of issues. Any extended lapse in communication may result in the pages being removed.
  • Uni-Truths LTD:
    1. The software developers and owners of Uni-Truths LTD can have access to any site hosted on the website.
    2. Uni-Truths LTD claims responsibility for all personal details held in the system about moderators and will not distribute them unless legally directed to do so.
    3. Uni-Truths LTD possesses non-exclusive distribution rights to all of the content submitted to the platform.
    4. Uni-Truths LTD does not take responsibility for posts from pages that are affiliated. However, they can remove a post or page from the site if posts breaking the Code of Conduct or Facebook Community Guidelines are found to have been posted.
    5. Uni-Truths LTD, where possible, will work with the moderators to resolve any issues relating to content or management of the page.Uni-Truths LTD users are not to use their influence over the sites to influence posting on individual pages.