love the post scheduling system
It's great, I love the post scheduling system and the tutorial guides were very useful. It's also extremely helpful for letting us bring on new team members.
St Fessdrews
easy but attractive design
Unlike many other anonymous posting websites, Uni-Truths has a much simpler and easy but attractive design to use for being able to auto-post on Facebook. It was a breeze figuring out how to use it and even then I was reached out to by one of the team members asking how I was doing with the page I am running using their site. I didn't need to use the tutorial to set it up either but the option is there and has helpful information. When I did have a small hiccup unrelated to them, the same team member was very swiftly able to answer the questions I had and make me finding a resolution easier. All around, it's a pretty great service that I have been using for a few months now and hope to continue to use in the future!
Newfess II
I would highly recommend other pages swap
We initially started on crush-ninja and swapping to uni-truths has been a great decision for our page for many reasons! Uni-Truth keeps good track of post numbers and has a separate queue for accepted posts and submissions waiting for a decision. It has a scheduling system which posts approved submissions periodically (this is super useful to not over use the FB posting API) and also allows you to have time to change your mind on a post as you can edit posts in the accepted queue before they go up! The UI is intuitive for both admins and users and offers a huge range of statistics which can help us understand which posts do well, which admins are posting lots etc. Uni-Truths has not been blocked by any phone providers so everyone can easily access it, unlike difficulties we had with CrushNinja. We are also so grateful for no lag whatsoever when we are sorting through submissions as this was the reason we swapped in the first place. They occasionally add ads to the submission page, but these are not intrusive verses other platforms. Overall it's a pretty good experience and I would highly recommend other pages swap to Uni-Truths!